Residents in one west Windsor neighborhood say they’ve been living next to a jungle and they want it taken care of before the leaves fall.

Neighbours near 1212 Elm Avenue say the property has been abandoned, leaving the yard to grow wild and out of control.

Life-long Elm Avenue residents say it's been an on-going issue with no permanent solution.

“I called in 2011 and complained about the fact that there are too many weeds and last year just didn't bother," says Jean-Marc Tessier.

Years prior, he says he called city staff looking for action. He says a crew came and eventually cleared the tall grass.

Only he says the issue keeps sprouting back up.

"The city came last year to cut the grass, they gave me a hard time," says Tessier.

The city's bylaw enforcement office confirms complaints have dated back to 2009, saying two official concerns were brought forward this year.

Across the river in some neighbourhoods in Detroit, officials have brought in goats to help keep grass levels down.

In Windsor though, a compliance order has been issued and the property owner has until Oct. 3 to clean up the land, otherwise a private contractor will clear it up with the city charging the owner the fee.

The city has assured neighbours that the property will be cleared by Oct. 4.