WINDSOR, ONT. -- Record-setting rains are possible for Windsor-Essex, according to Environment Canada.

Residents are switching out their snow shovel for an umbrella.

International students from India, Anisha and Rahul Bhingra say they are hoping to see snow in January but are not complaining.

“I was wearing the snow shoes and the winter jacket because yesterday the whole weather was changed,” says Anisha. “I was not expecting the heavy rain, but we are enjoying the rain.”

They says the weather is unpredictable. “We were expecting snow here, not rain actually,” says Rahul.

Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning. Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says up to 60 mm of total rainfall is likely and could break a January record.

“The highest was back in 1993 on January 4 (with) 43 mm, so with more rain coming, that is possible to be broken,” he says.

Some residents would rather see rain falling in January than snow.

“It's definitely Windsor's wacky weather, but it's actually better than winter,” says Mark Ouellette.

But Cheng says a change in the weather is expected when you wake up on Sunday.

“The temperatures are going to drop gradually throughout the afternoon into the evening hours and the rain will be turning to snow. Certainly when you wake up tomorrow there will be a change and it will be back to winter,” says Cheng.