Few details are being released about weapons investigations in two different Windsor neighbourhoods where residents admit hearing gunfire.

Officers responded to a “weapons calls” in the 2400 block of Arthur Road, south of Tecumseh Road, as well as Mercer Street and Elliott Street around 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Police confirm to CTV News both investigations are related.

The Emergency Services Unit officers on Arthur were asking people to come out of a house, while other residents were asked to avoid the area.

At least three people were taken into custody in the Arthur Rd standoff that lasted well into the night.

Neighbours say this was not the first police presence at the home on Arthur.

Meanwhile, a number of residents at Mercer and Elliot say they heard gunfire on Wednesday.

“What I heard is bang, bang, and the roads were call taped off,” said John Wayne.

Those same residents say the home is “known to police” and they are now concerned for their safety.

“I fear for my life,” said Wayne. “I can't sleep at night, you know what I mean. There are little babies around here and they're capping off. That ain’t right."

Police are not releasing any information about the two investigations, other than to say they are related.