The time for ticks has just begun and there's already been a spike in tick submissions in Windsor-Essex.

Emma Krech is one of dozens of people this year in Windsor-Essex, who has discovered a tick on their body.

“I came home from a walk with my dog at Ojibway Park," says Krech. "There was a tick on my chest when I came home from the park."

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit says 65 cases have already been brought to their attention.

That compares to just 25 at this time last year.

"People are becoming more aware," says public health inspector Elaine Bennett.

Tick season ranges from April until November.

"We've been out in the community doing different promotional events to get people more aware of what to look for,” says Bennett. “So should someone have a tick embedded on their body we've given them the information in regards to removing the tick and sending it for laboratory identification."

If you find a tick, officials want you to bring it to the health unit for testing as soon as possible.

"A tick can pass on diseases through their bite and unfortunately it can lead to diseases such as Lyme disease and the ticks that we are looking for that can spread the disease is the black-legged tick,” says Bennett.