An emotionally-charged day in Windsor Superior Court today as the trial continued for a Leamington man charged with impaired driving.

Jamie Redekop yesterday pleaded not guilty to the single charge in connection with the death of 55-year-old Robert Wallingford.

Today, the 20-year-old appeared stoic as he took the stand in his own defence.

He defended his sobriety at the time of the crash. He laid out a picture of what happened and spoke of how emotional he was after the fatal crash.

Redekop admitted on the stand today that as an 18-year-old, he did consume a 40 ounce bottle of Olde English malt liquor while at a friend's house around noon Jan. 11, 2015.

He claims it was the only alcohol he consumed that day.

Then Redekop said around 7 p.m., he left that friend's house in his car and went looking for his ex-girlfriend after a fight.

He told court: "I was no longer feeling the effects of alcohol."

About 15-20 minutes later, around 7:30, Redekop says he was driving down Fox Street.

“I was driving out of nowhere someone was crossing from west to east and that's when the accident happened," he told court.

That was Wallingford.

“There was about a second of reaction time. As soon as I saw him, I hit my brakes," Redekop told the court.

OPP accident reconstructionist Mark Japp testified Wallingford walked into the path of the vehicle and the 55-year-old ended up rolling over the top of it.

“I got out of the car screaming and crying,” he told court. “I couldn't believe what happened. I was shocked and scared. At this point in time, I thought he was dead and I'm freaking out and going crazy."

Redekop asked a witness to call 911. He says he got into his car to move it for emergency crews, but not to leave the scene.

Redekop also told court he started hitting his car, and smashing out the windows, out of frustration, saying "it's all my fault" and "I'm a convict, I killed a guy."

EMS arrived and treated his hands for wounds.


Redekop testified he was eventually placed in a cruiser and an officer was saying something to him, but he doesn't recall what it was.

He's also unsure if he was read his rights.

Redekop stated on the stand "I was emotionally distraught. I wasn't focused. Yes, I was complying and wanted to help police, but I was in my own world. I wasn't focused on the questions they were asking."

Redekop also couldn't recall if he was offered  a chance to speak with duty council.

Willingford was pronounced dead at hospital less than an hour later.

A toxicologist also testified today and said Redekop's blood sample taken after the accident registered 79 milligrams per 100 ml of blood.

Jean-Paul Palmentier is of the opinion that Redekop's projected blood alcohol content at the time of the crash was between 79 mg and 119 mg per 100 ml.

Both the crown and defence asked questions of Redekop while he was on the stand this afternoon.

Court will resume Wednesday for closing submissions.