Most young musicians have a dream of their music playing for thousands of people in an arena.

For a Windsor band, that dream has become a reality because of the Detroit Red Wings.

The Autumn Kings song "Devil in Disguise" has been in rotation during the Wings pre-season games, and the band hopes it will be the exclusive goal song as the NHL regular season kicks off on Thursday.

"It started with a cold email to one of the people working at the organization," says lead guitarist Jake Diab. “We simply sent them our track and said 'What do you think?’ Everyone's telling us on our high school tour and all of our fans that this is the perfect hockey song."

Diab says the decision hasn't been made yet, but for him it is still an honour.

"I'm a life-long Wings fan. It was my dream go to the NHL when I was younger,” says Diab. “That ended up falling though the cracks, but you know what we made up for it in other ways. We're getting played in the arena now."    

Bass guitarist Tibor Bognar says people have been sending them videos of their song playing during the games.

"The feeling when someone sends you a video of the arena and you can hear your song playing, there's just no words to describe that," says Bognar.


The Red Wings haven’t announced when they will be making the final decision on the goal song.

“We do currently play music by Autumn Kings during our game presentation,” said Red Wings communications professional Alex DiFilippo. “One of their songs is being considered, but we have not selected a goal song.”

The Autumn Kings are also playing inside Little Caesars Arena at Kid Rock's bar from October until February.

"Kid Rock is a huge fan of Autumn Kings,” says Diab. “We met Kid Rock two weeks ago and he said 'I love Autumn Kings song Devil in Desguise, I'm so proud to have you guys in our bar.’"


The group has a rock album out that just passed 1.5 million streams on Spotify, but hope the exposure from the Red Wings will lead to more followers.

"Those fans have been growing and now it's hit the world, 64 countries listen to Autumn Kings," says singer Joe Coccimiglio.

The band, which also includes drummer Nick Predhomme, plans on releasing new music in 2019.