WINDSOR, ONT. -- There is some good news for the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority from their latest report. 

The group says recycling revenues are up, thanks to the demand for big-board and cardboard.

Chair Gary Kaschak says it’s about a $170,000 windfall for the waste authority.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority has seen drop off in revenue at their public drop off depot.

“We lost two full months and a very busy spring cleaning season,” says Kaschak. “We lost quite a bit of revenue, probably upward of almost $200,000 in that area.”

The “No plastics bags in recycling box” campaign seems to be paying off.

Kaschak tells CTV Windsor, there has been a 97 per cent compliance rate with Windsor-Essex residents, since June 1st.