It was quite the cocktail order at the 2018 International Plowing Match.

A new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Bloody Caesar was established Wednesday at the IPM near Pain Court in Chatham-Kent.

The list of ingredients to make the record breaking cocktail was long.

It included 60 litres of vodka, 100 litres of clam juice, 500 litres of tomato juice, 20 litres of lemon juice, five litres of tabasco, eight litres of Worcestershire, 30 cups of celery salt, 10 cups of black pepper, 50 cups of horse radish, 15 cups of onion powder and 100 celery stalks.

Chef Bob Blumer of the Food Network and his team of volunteers prepared for the record all day, and the drink measured at 588 litres.

The glass that was used for the cocktail was also unique, as it was used by popular American rapper and TV personality Snoop Dogg in one of his music videos.

“Snoop Dogg broke the Guiness World Record for the largest Gin cocktail,” says Blumer. “I heard about the record, and I found the glass and organizers shipped it across the country.”

“A lot of people came together to make this happen,” says Ellwood Shreve, Chair of Project X, the attempt to set a number of Guinness World Records at IMP 2018. “We just wanted to enhance the IPM experience. We stayed up late at night washing tomatoes. Most the ingredients were local, and that made the difference. If we needed extra tomatoes, we made a call and we got them."