WINDSOR, ONT. -- It’s been the worst four months of her life, Sarah Callow says.

“We’ve been shut down, we’ve been running online classes.”

The owner of Chatham CrossFit became emotional when she heard Chatham-Kent will move into phase 3 beginning on Friday.

“I was over the moon. I cried,” says Callow.

Her clients can begin working out inside the facility, with physical distancing measures in place.

“Typically in a CrossFit class you’re sharing equipment, sharing bars, sharing pull up rigs so everybody will have their own designated space.”

Gyms, playgrounds, and splash pads can all begin to reopen under Phase 3 in Chatham-Kent.

Restaurants can also start to welcome their guests back inside.

“Dining has to be seated, there are no buffets and tables have to ensure they’re separated by at least two meters,” explains medical officer of health for Chatham-Kent Dr. David Colby.

There is a maximum limit of 50 people, and outdoors up to 100 people.

“Being a small place, you like to be busy consistently so when you lose half your capacity you really gotta get those tables in and out,” says Julie Brooks, bartender at Frienz Restaurant.

Cascades Casino and cinemas can also reopen, with reduced capacity.

“When we open up more things we have to make sure people are extra careful about physical distance,” Dr. Colby tells CTV Windsor.

Phase 4 is the recovery stage, and Dr. Colby expects Chatham-Kent to remain in phase 3 for quite some time.