WINDSOR, ONT. -- A new COVID-19 rapid testing service for essential travel launched in Windsor on Thursday.

It’s designed to give those travelling for essential business a private option for 24-hour COVID-19 testing, depending on the result certification needed at border crossings.

“We need a solution that allows us to safely come out of these colours that we’re in and open up our economy again.”

Audacia Bioscience CEO Phillip Olla says the 24-hour PCR test and 15-minute Antigen test allow for smoother cross-border flow of essential workers, while reducing the risk of COVID-19 infections.

“We have to take, I would say, drastic measures, and we have to put in innovative services. So this is just an innovative service that allows us to get moving again.”

The private tests are the result of a partnership between Sunshine Pharmacy and Medical Laboratories of Windsor and can be arranged on both sides of the Windsor-Detroit border.

“Depending on what your travel situation is, you can get the test done within 24 hours and then you can go on with your trip. We will provide you with a travel certificate that you can then use to safely cross the border.”

Olla says all test appointments must be booked online through

The Antigen and PCR testing will initially be done at the company’s first test site at 3211 Sandwich St. If demand dictates, the testing can expand to eight other locations in Windsor.

“The idea is to have the capability for the business, and manufacturing business and the automotive business, to be able to go and allow people to come into the country in the next phase, and have our business guys to actually go across there, and come back into Canada.”

But Olla points out there’s a difference between an essential traveller and essential travel.

The price for the rapid antigen test is $75 and you get results in 15 minutes and a PCR test is $200 with results within 24 hours.