Pride flags will fly at public elementary schools in Windsor Essex this June, but only for one week.

Trustees with the Greater Essex County District School Board voted on Tuesday in favour of a motion to allow the flags to fly at grade schools.

But instead of flying the flag for the entire month of June to recognize Pride Month, the flags will fly at elementary schools for only one week in June.

Melissa Piva, whose child identifies as gender creative, says it's a step in the right direction.

“We had the struggle of teachers who would look at my child based on her age and say ‘Oh well this is probably just a phase’ and really not take things seriously."

Piva says “the bottom line is, there's so much that needs to be done."

Pride flags have been flown at public high schools in Windsor-Essex for the entire month since 2016.

Vice Chairperson Julia Burgess introduced the motion.

Burgess earlier told AM800 News the symbolic gesture can go a long way in showing kids of all genders and sexual orientations that school is a safe place, and that it’s OK to feel the way they do.

Officials at Windsor-Essex Pride Fest have supplied flags to local high schools free of charge, and say they will do the same for grade schools.