The province has announced grants of more than $3-million for 10 companies in the Windsor-Essex region to help fund innovation and job creation.

The Liberal government says the investments will create 178 jobs in the region and result in 384 jobs being retrained.

The money is coming from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund with the goal of getting local businesses to innovate, grow, and pursue new markets.

The funds cover up to 15 per cent of eligible project costs, with the recipient company funding the remainder from its own resources.

The breakdown of the funds being allocated is as follows:

  • $1 million to help Windsor Mold develop an automated manufacturing process for plastic injection molds and mold components.
  • $173,500 to help Greco Aluminum Railings purchase new equipment to produce additional product lines and expand its business.
  • $162,370 to help Jesse Garant Metrology Center invest in a second facility and purchase new equipment.
  • $224,200 to help Proto Manufacturing with research and development to introduce a new product line to pursue new markets.
  • $312,644 to help Ramstar modify its facility to accommodate new automated equipment.
  • $186,100 to help Saturn Tool & Die acquire new equipment to increase production and pursue new markets.
  • $181,152 to help Select Tool expand and diversify its operations through automation and robotics integration into the CNC manufacturing process as well as the acquisition of additional equipment.
  • $121,100 to help Stratus invest in energy efficient equipment, two robotics systems and a material handling system to increase its capacity and grow the business.
  • $555,300 to help Superior Tool and Mold purchase new equipment with automated robots to improve efficiency and production capacity.
  • $110,700 to help Technical Molding purchase equipment and develop light weight molds to meet increasing demands for light weight auto parts