WINDSOR, ONT. -- Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) unveiled the new John Viecelli Rehabilitation Room Monday following a $100,000 donation from Viecelli himself.

The room is located within the Dr. Y. Emara Centre for Healthy Aging and Mobility and will support rehab patients during their wellness journey.

“I’ve always wanted to see others happy and I want to inspire individuals to share their blessings to spread the good and help build community,” says Viecelli. “I am just one individual, born in Northern Italy, who moved to Canada and worked hard. If we all gave what we could imagine the difference we could make, the community that we could build.”

Viecelli immigrated to Canada in 1950 at the age of 17 and starting his own masonry and home building empire John Viecelli Construction at just 19 years of age.

“Immigrants from around the world have played a key role in building our city,” says Bill Marra, vice president of external affairs at HDGH. “So much of what we have, what we enjoy, what we take pride in, we do so because of individuals such as John, who worked hard and gave back what they could. For these individuals, we are eternally grateful.”

This is not the first time Mr. Viecelli and his wife Lia have made a major six-figure donation in support of health care services in Windsor-Essex nor does he plan for it to be their last.