The saga into suspended Windsor police Cst. Dorothy Nesbeth continued Saturday, after being found guilty on Police Act charges of deceit and discreditable conduct in October.

The matter stems from an incident on July 28, 2010 when she was stopped at the border while allegedly trying to bring a large amount of alcohol back from the United States without claiming it.

Prosecutors are looking for a complete dismissal from the police force.

On Saturday, hearing officer Superintendent Robert Fitches heard arguments over possible punishment.

The lawyer representing the Windsor Police Service, David Migicovsky is pushing for a complete dismissal from the force.

Nesbeth has been suspended from the police force with pay for four years.

Migicovsky says three key factors should be considered with police misconduct.

They include, the nature and seriousness of the misconduct, the ability to reform the officer and consideration towards the damage and reputation sustained by the police service.

Defence lawyer Patrick Ducharme is expected to present his arguments for what Nesbeth's penalty should be on Sunday.

A final decision won't be handed down until a future date.

Criminal charges against Nesbeth were dropped.