WINDSOR -- A massive eco-passage connecting Ojibway Prairie Complex to Black Oak Heritage Park could be a reality, but it won't be eminent.

That's what Windsor city council heard Monday night from city staff.

As part of its community benefits announcement, the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority committed $1.5 million of seed money toward development of an animal-only land bridge over top of Ojibway Parkway.

That money will pay mostly for an environmental assessment and investigate the feasibility of building the overland passage.

"We're just crossing our fingers and hope that the tree huggers around the town can be made happy from all this, and of course the biggest winners will be the endangered species like the eastern fox snake, toads, turtles, the deer will be able to get across it,” says Tom Henderson of the Detroit River Cleanup.

Council won't be able to make a decision by budget time, but proponents are still pleased that it's on the city's radar.

“It's a good project,” says Henderson. “I hope they will be able to find the money for it."

The city's Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee recommended council consider the eco-passage during budget deliberations.