Despite the thin layer of snow capping the project site, officials say plenty of progress is still taking place on the Canadian side of the Gordie Howe International Bridge site.

“We've had a good winter season,” says Mark Butler, Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority spokesperson. “There's still construction going on today."

To date, there's not much to actually see, the bulk of the work so far has been below ground.

“We have 4.3 km of new gas lines which has now been buried below the port of entry,” says Butler.  “Sanitary sewers and water, all of those utilities had to be done to prepare for the construction of the bridge."

That is, until now. Crews recently erected three massive hydro transmission towers, to replace nine outdated ones that were smaller and near end of life.

The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority is investing about $160 million to prepare the site, including a perimeter access road site grading and filling and utility relocation to be complete by the end of 2017.

“We'll have it all ready in time for the construction of the bridge," says Butler.

If the timeline remains on schedule from this point forward, it looks like this bridge will be complete sometime in 2022.