Even though other pot retail stores opened across Ontario on Monday, there are no legal stores in Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent just yet.

The closest cannabis shop is in London.

The Ford government had planned on having a total of 25 stores open on Monday, but some are still working their way through the lengthy approval process.

Stores that were scheduled to open Monday, but failed to may face hefty fines.

Before April 1, recreational cannabis was only available legally through the province's website.

Windsor police are reminding the community that recreational cannabis can only be legally purchased online through the Ontario Cannabis Store or at one of the licensed authorized retail stores in Ontario.

Police are encouraging landlords of commercial properties to educate themselves about the application process for obtaining licenses and to be proactive when renting property, to ensure all laws are being followed.

Officers say they will continue to actively investigate the illegal selling of cannabis and any landlord found to be complicit with an illegal store may be charged under the Provincial Cannabis Act.

Police say this link may assist any landlord or person requiring more information about the ACGO rules and regulations.

The Windsor Police Service is also available to answer any further questions or inquiries regarding this topic by contacting 519-255-6700 ext. 4862.