Police say 15 people from across Ontario face a combined 195 charges after a drug trafficking investigation involving members and associates of motorcycle gangs.

Provincial police say they worked with local forces to probe people linked to the Hells Angels Nomads, the Red Devils, and the Hooligans motorcycle clubs.

The force says members of those groups were allegedly involved in the trafficking of fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine throughout the Niagara, Sudbury and Ottawa areas.

The OPP say the investigation -- dubbed Project Skylark -- resulted in the seizure of firearms, ammunition, a home, fentanyl patches, more than 12 kilograms each of cocaine and illegal cannabis and 2,000 meth tablets.

The investigation involved the provincial force as well as investigators from the Niagara, Sudbury, Ottawa and Hamilton police services.

Police say the 15 people arrested are in custody and the investigation is ongoing.