It’s the ultimate crime of opportunity.

Windsor police is reporting hundreds of thefts from cars in 2016, and the crimes continue.

Lakeshore OPP are looking for a man after a suspect broke into two vehicles in the area of Renaud Line and County Road 22 on December 7th.

Police allege the suspect made purchases using a credit card stolen from a purse in a vehicle whose car window was smashed just hours earlier.

Windsor Police Sergeant Steve Betteridge says they average about 1,700 calls a year for thefts from vehicles.

Betteridge admits the thieves are looking for an easy score and target unlocked vehicles to take whatever they can easily grab.

“Loose change, GPS equipment, cell phones. Anything someone can pick and transport easily” says Betteridge.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, stolen vehicles and vehicle-related thefts jumped six per cent to just over 78,000 in 2016.