It's one of the most brutal, unsolved murders in Windsor's history.

Four decades have now passed without justice.

Windsor police are releasing a new detail they hope might help solve the gruesome crime.

In 1971, six-year-old Ljubica Topic’s life was viciously taken away.

On Friday, May 14, 1971, Ljubica was playing with her brother outside her family home at 1290 Drouillard Rd. when a man came along.

“They were approached by a male party who was sitting outside a restaurant to the west of the residence. He offered Ljubica an amount of cash to go with him. He then provided a small amount of change to Michael to ride his bike in the other direction," says Const. Scott  Chapman of Windsor's major crime branch.

The boy last saw his sister holding the man's hand walking south on Drouillard.  A short while later, he told his mom what happened.

Around 1 a.m., police found her body behind a Hickory Road home, only four blocks away. She had been sexually assaulted and badly beaten.

"The brutality with which she was attacked is reprehensible and it's hard to get out of your mind,” Chapman says.

Both Windsor police and Ljubica’s mother believe that someone knows something that could help solve this case.

Windsor police are revisiting the area where the girl was last seen alive.

"We are closing in on 44 years without any conviction and any identification of the suspect," Chapman says.

But police aren't giving up.

They now are sharing more information in the hopes that someone will come forward with the clue that solves the crime. It’s evidence that hasn’t been released before.

“We also recovered an adult tooth at the scene of the crime. It's our belief that the tooth is related to the suspect in this case," Chapman says.

When police found Ljubica’s body, two of her teeth were found in the immediate area and so was the tooth of an adult male.

“If anybody remembers somebody - a man that was shortly thereafter missing one of his incisor teeth - we need to know and we'd like you to call us."

Hundreds of people have been interviewed in relation to the case.

Ljubica’s mother, Paula Topic, is hoping someone will come forward.

"When your child dies like that, you never forget it. That's all in your heart and all in your brain."

Anyone who remembers something or has information that can help police, is asked to call 519-255-6700, ext. 4830 or Crimestoppers.