Toronto police have released a list of names of people arrested in connection with last week's raids targeting gun and drug trafficking, including eight from Windsor.

In the list, 35 of 44 people are being charged as part of Project Traveller.

Nine people were arrested in raids in Windsor last week. Police say a 27-year old Windsor man was arrested on an outstanding warrant in the downtown, Saturday morning making him the tenth.

Here’s the list of six men and two women from Windsor:

-Orlando Hollinshed

-Brett Kersey

-Terry Mauldin

-Abukar Mohamed

-Sandra Sayegh

-Allysonn Steil

-Corey Peterson

-Curtis Elliott

Charges vary in degree of severity.

"Because this is a Toronto investigation, all of these arrested people have been transported to Toronto to appear in court in the Toronto area," says Windsor police Sgt. Matt D’Asti.

Mauldin has been charged with participation in a criminal organization, trafficking in restricted weapons, as well as five counts of conspiracy to commit indictable offence.

Jerry Pope, 43, of Detroit was charged with four counts of importing or exporting a restricted weapon knowing it is unauthorized.

Project Traveller investigated a Toronto-based gang called Dixon City Bloods. Police say the alleged crimes involved violence, gun importation and drug trafficking across Toronto, Windsor, and Alberta.

Since the project began 42 guns have been seized, 175,000 grams of drugs and $570,000 in cash, say police.