WINDSOR, ONT. -- In-person services did not take place Sunday at a Windsor Church which in recent weeks was hosting gathering, despite the provincial lockdown.

The parking lot at Harvest Bible Church was empty Sunday, with chains across the driveway blocking the entrance. Early in the day, a vehicle blocking the driveway was turning cars away.

According to a statement from the church — Pastor Aaron Rock received another court summons from the Windsor Police Service connected to services held the previous weekend at the church on Spring Garden Road.

During those services, neighbours confirm more than 100 people visited the church, with many not wearing masks upon entering the building.

Police — who were observing the gatherings last weekend — were unable to confirm any details of the summons Sunday.

The church issued a statement Friday, saying the summons carries the potential for massive fines and imprisonment. Pastor Rock was previously issued a summons by police in December, 2020.

Statement from Harvest Bible ChurchThe statement also noted the church’s opposition to the continued lockdown measures is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"Lockdowns are causing serious damage to our community and that we are obligated under divine law to meet in person to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, to administer the Lord’s Supper, to baptize and disciple one another, and to be a place of refuge."

No one from the church was available for comment today.