A Windsor police canine took down a 14-year-old suspect after an alleged break-in at St. Rose Catholic Elementary School.

Police were sent to the school at 871 St. Rose Avenue at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday for a report that several young people were behind the school smashing a vending machine.

Officers say they found a smashed gumball machine in the school yard. They heard noises in the building and went inside through an insecure door.

The officers announced themselves and said a canine unit was on scene and would be deployed. The dog and handler began to conduct an outside perimeter check of the school.

The canine handler heard a steel door open on the north side of the school and saw two suspects exit. Police say the suspects saw the officer and fled on foot through the school yard.

The handler told the fleeing suspects to stop or else the dog would be sent. Police say the suspects ignored the commands and the canine was released.

The dog apprehended one of the suspects by biting his right arm and taking him to the ground. The 14-year-old was treated for two small punctures to his right arm.

Police say the gumball machine was removed by the suspects from Centennial Pool at 6695 Wyandotte Street East. Officers went to an apartment building in the 6400 block of Wyandotte Street East and arrested three other males ages 17, 18, and 19.

All four of the arrested males are facing charges of break and enter, mischief, and theft.