A 40-year-old Windsor man is facing child luring charges following an investigation by Windsor police.

Police were contacted on July 30 by a woman about a child luring incident. The person told police that she observed a video on the internet that was created by a third party involving a male who posed as a 13-year-old girl and began communicating with a 40-year-old man online.

Police say the communication between the two turned sexual in nature and the suspect allegedly sent sexually explicit images of himself and wanted to meet the other party.

The disturbing video concludes with the male posing as the 13-year-old girl confronting the suspect about their conversations and his intentions in the food court at the Devonshire Mall.

Police say they received numerous complaints from citizens in relation to the video which continued to circulate online.

In fact, a number of rallies were held in the community to pressure police to lay charges.

Police say officers spoke to the subjects in the video and determined that the suspect could be arrested for luring and transmitting sexually explicit material to a person believed to be under the age of 16 years. 

The suspect, 40-year-old Ryan Jessop, was arrested Tuesday night at his residence.

He is charged with telecommunication with a person believed to be under 16 for specific criminal offences and making available sexually explicit material to a person under or believed under 16 for specific criminal offences.

Police say this investigation garnered a high level of interest in the community and they are reminding the public there are many sensitive issues that are considered during the investigative process.

“We investigate all complaints received from the community but on a general case basis, we don't comment on them to protect the integrity of the investigation and potential court process which may follow,” police said in a news release.

“We also have to protect and respect the privacy of everyone involved in investigations.  Some investigations involving the internet take more time because of the many intricacies in the process and procedures. There are many rules of evidence, case law, charter rights and facts and issues which have to be considered during the entire investigative process.”

The YouTube video of Jessop being confronted in the mall had more than 20,700 views Wednesday afternoon. A Facebook page and an online petition were also created, as an attempt to publicly shame the suspect and pressure police to lay charges.

The investigation continues and none of the allegations have been proven in court.

Police add anyone who is or knows someone who may be a victim of child exploitation is asked to report it to online.