Chatham-Kent OPP say they’re always on the lookout for drunk drivers, but warm summer afternoons, when some drivers may have stopped for a quick drink, has enforcement shifting into high gear.

Const. Aaron McPhail of Chatham-Kent OPP says "In the last week we've had two impaired driving cases where they were both over double the legal limit."

In one case a transport trucker was seen allegedly swerving through lanes, drunk on Highway 401 east of Tilbury, in the other a man was busted for alleged impaired driving after failing to stop for six kilometersalong the same stretch of highway.

"We are highly trained and we know what to look for,” McPhail says.

Provincial police report drinking and driving rises in the summer - just like the temperature – and are reminding people to keep sober behind the wheel.

McPhail adds "Some people ask how many drinks can I drink and still drive and we're saying is if you drink, don't drive at all."

Sixteen-year-old driving student Logan Nicholson knows what it’s like to drink and drive, but only because of the simulator he used in a Drivewise class on Wednesday.

Nicholson says "It's scary, I wouldn't drink and drive myself because I'd be scared I'd mess up actually…I had to focus on one clear little part and everything else was blurry."

To top it off instructors put beer goggles on to really give students that authentic possibly-deadly-drunk-driving feel.

"I felt pretty drunk actually,” Nicholson says. “More than drunk actually."

Chatham-Kent Police Service Const. Renee Cowell says "Most alcohol-related crashes do happen during warm summer months of June, July and August."

Municipal police echo the sentiments of the OPP, saying contrary to popular belief, booze-related crashes happen more often in the summer than they do in the Christmas party season.

Cowell adds "Please plan ahead, make sure you have a designated driver, call a cab or stay overnight."

At any given time in Ontario, the OPP say there is a RIDE program set up somewhere, so the provincial police really are giving impaired driving 24/7 enforcement.