Windsor police say 15 people were charged with 108 drug-related offences in the largest meth bust in the city.

During a 12 week investigation, undercover officers purchased 850 grams of meth. The street value of the drugs was $170,000.

Police say there's a trend of "blue" crystal meth growing in Windsor. Meth has now taking over from crack as the most abused drug in the city.

An officer quoted a dealer saying "you better cut this, it can kill someone."

During the investigation,four search warrants were executed at various locations across Windsor. 

Police seized:

-850 grams of Methamphetamine

-8 Fentanyl patches

-6 grams of Fentanyl powder

-105 Oxycodone pills

-3.6 grams of Cocaine

-0.3 grams of Crack Cocaine

-129 MDMA pills

-0.1 grams of Heroin

-7 Hydromorphone pills

-11.7 grams of Marihuana