Police Act charges are being made public against a Windsor police officer.

Const. David Bshouty, 32, is facing a total of Police Act 12 charges. They were laid on Sept. 25, 2014, but the specifics of the charges were not released until Wednesday.

When Bshouty was arrested on April 12, 2014 at the Ambassador Bridge, he was charged with drug offences.  One criminal charge, laid by authorities in Detroit, has since been dropped. Two charges in Ontario, one for possession and one for trafficking are still before the courts.

But, at the time of his initial arrest, the Professional Standards Branch of the Windsor Police Service launched four, parallel investigations.

One was for his arrest at the Detroit-Windsor border. Bshouty is facing charges of discreditable conduct for the arrest alone.

The second was for “products” found in Bshouty’s locker at Windsor Police Headquarters. He faces three charges of neglect of duty, one charge of discreditable conduct and one charge of corrupt practice.

In the third investigation, the PSB alleges Bshouty didn’t sign in with PSB his first two days after his suspension was issued. When a sworn officer is suspended with pay, the officer must report to PSB and sign in every day from Monday to Friday. He is charged with insubordination.

The fourth investigation looks into disclosure of history during employment. The PSB alleges Bshouty didn’t disclose his full history during the hiring process, nor did he disclose pertinent details after he was hired in Feb of 2009. Bshouty is subsequently charged with deceit and discreditable conduct.

On June 3, 2015, Bshouty’s lawyer, Pat Ducharme is expected to file a motion, although it’s not clear what the nature of the motion will be. Next fall, there are hearing dates scheduled for August-November although it will be intermittent in that time frame.

The PSB is still investigating Bshouty’s most recent arrest and criminal charge of trafficking, laid on March 9, 2015. Next February, Bshouty goes to trial for the possession offence in criminal court.