Windsor is embracing the world of Pokemon Go, despite warnings from the Better Business Bureau and gambling counsellors.

The game uses a phone's GPS and camera to help players find Pokemon. The game also utilizes augmented reality to place the pocket monsters in the real world.

"I've just recently picked it up a couple days ago and I've been playing it like non-stop for like the last two days," says Romel Abou-akl.

Romel likes the fact that you can interact with the real world and then they bring in Pokemon, which has been loved for years.

"It allows you to interact with your own environment, while having that sort of reminiscence of like I said that childhood innocence I used to have."

The app is not yet officially available in Canada, but a significant number of people appear to have found work arounds.

The Better Business Bureau warns: "So far, the app is only available in the U.S, Australia and New Zealand, which has given cyber criminals an opportunity to capitalize on the demand.”

They add that users should only download the app through official app stores, not third-party sites.

Jennifer Forfitt, problem gambling counsellor with Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, says although it can be seen as positive because it gets people active, too much gaming can be a negative as well.

“People are walking into unchartered territory so to speak,” says Forfitt. “They're bumping into things, they're falling into holes. They're getting themselves into scenes that can be a little more dangerous."

The game has also spawned a Pokemon Go Windsor Facebook Page.