A Windsor councillor wants to make the city’s oldest community more accessible.

Coun. Ron Jones plans on revamping Olde Sandwich Towne with a million dollars that was set aside for Ward 2 in the 2013 budget. Overall, $10 million was allotted to be evenly distributed in Windsor’s 10 wards.

Jones, in collaboration with the city, will be spending about $300,000 to make accessibility improvements across the west end.

"Hopefully we can make this a safe and secure area for people with disabilities," he says.

Wayne Meneguzzi has Multiple Sclerosis and relies on a powered wheelchair to get places.

"They do need a facelift,” says Meneguzzi. “It's getting started, let's hope they don't stop with it."

First curb ramps will be constructed to improve the functionality of sidewalks and roadways of Ward 2.

"People are starting to listen to what people need, what people want," says Windsor resident Peter Best.

Olde Sandwich Towne's Paterson Park is also getting a major makeover.  A pathway will be paved throughout the grassy, largely inaccessible area.

“The accessibility upgrades throughout the ward are truly visionary, and Paterson Park will be an example not just for the rest of Windsor and Essex County, but I believe for the province as well," says Lynn Calder, executive director with Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario.

Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario is headquartered a block from the park and will give clients a place to socialize.

"If you're a person with a disability, you want to be where people are," says Best. "So by making them accessible, you're taking the barriers down."

Jones will be using the remaining money to improve area roads, Meneguzzi hopes his idea catches on elsewhere.

"I'm hoping other ones will pick up and do something in their areas as well."