The City of Windsor is proposing an interim cycling route that would see bicycle traffic along Wyandotte Street East pushed to the side streets.

But a petition is circulating to convince Windsor council to stop the zig-zag path.

More than 1,000 have signed the petition that calls on the city to consider putting cycling lanes on Wyandotte Street.

This Monday, council is set to vote on a transportation committee recommendation to push bikes to the side streets between George Avenue and Vernon Crescent on the east end of the city.

Some hope council will re-think the committee's stance and calm traffic along that stretch to improve safety for all users.

The city's director of operations, Dwayne Dawson says Wyandotte was designed to move commuter traffic from east to west and changes to that flow aren't possible.

“By taking away two lanes of traffic, it's going to basically pinch the traffic down,” he said.

He says the proposed zig-zag route is only temporary.