WINDSOR -- People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier made a stop in Windsor on Monday.

Bernier is the third federal party leader to stop in Windsor this campaign.

Later in the day, Bernier hosted a BBQ and rally the Ciociaro Club Monday night -- greeted by dozens of protestors. Once inside, he was greeted by more than 150 supporters cheering and giving standing ovations to their party leader.

Bernier also made a stop at CTV Windsor for a one-on-one interview with Ricardo Veneza.

On the contentious issue of immigration, Bernier reiterated his party’s commitment to reduce the number of immigrants accepted into the country to 150,000 from the over 300,000 currently accepted.

While immigration has been seen as a key driver of Windsor’s growth, Bernier says his plan to accept fewer immigrants will still allow the city’s businesses to bring in the necessary workforce.

“Yes, we’ll have, globally, fewer of them, 150,000 — but 50 per cent of them will be economic immigrants and that’s what we need,” said Bernier. “We need skilled immigrants that will come here because we need their expertise and that will help us to create more economic growth.”

While Bernier’s People’s Party has focused on immigration and small government, the party has rejected calls for a climate change plan.

Bernier doesn’t see the issue as a global emergency and would not meet Canada’s targets under the Paris Agreement meant to address climate change.

“Climate is changing, it will always change. Yes, there’s climate change all over the globe and I agree with that but, there’s no emergency,” said Bernier. “The environment is a shared jurisdiction with the provinces and we’ll let them deal with it if they want.”

As for other leaders on the campaign trail, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spent Monday morning in Toronto talking to health-care professionals about what he has promised a re-elected Liberal government would do about guns.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was in Whitby, announcing a Conservative government would make it easier for thousands of Canadians to access the federal disability tax credit.

The Conservative campaign has more stops planned in Toronto and nearby Brampton -- part of the tactically important suburban belt ringing Canada's most populous city. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh continues to focus his efforts on the Vancouver area, and his attacks on the Liberals.

Green Leader Elizabeth May also began her day in Vancouver.

With files from The Canadian Press.