WINDSOR, ONT. -- The township council of Pelee Island wants to see the larger ferry used for passenger service.

At Monday night’s meeting, council asked administration to send a letter to the Minister of Transportation requesting the Pelee Islander ll be used to carry passengers and vehicles.

Travelers can only use the smaller Pelee Islander, which can carry nine vehicles and is limited to 12 passengers.CTV Windsor: Chilean company to build Pelee ferry

The passengers are islanders needing to shop for essentials or to attend medical appointments.

Pelee Island mayor Raymond Durocher says the Pelee Islander ll is only being used three days a week to carry trucks for the agriculture sector, bring food and equipment for ongoing work to protect the shoreline.

Durocher would like to see the larger ferry run seven days a week and also carry passengers and vehicles.

He also understands cottage owners might want to check on their property, but is discouraging cottagers from staying.

Durocher says as far as he’s aware no one on the island has tested positive for COVID-19 and adds “we like to keep it that way.”

He’s says there is only one medical clinic which services the needs of the islanders and he doesn’t want to see it overwhelmed with patients needing care for COVID-19.