Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen is taking a tough stance on education and the environment.

Allen appeared before a full room of supporters at the Royal Canadian Legion branch on Howard Ave. in Windsor on Tuesday night.

Allen, considered a long shot by many to be the next leader of the PC Party, did not hold back on her strong position against the Green Energy Act.

"I’m going to rip out those wind turbines because I'm going to put companies on notice that there will be no more raping and pillaging of the taxpayers in Ontario,” said Allen. “Those windmills will come out of the ground."

One of Allen’s top priorities is repealing the sex-education curriculum in Ontario.

Allen is best known as the president of the “Parents as First Educators” group, which has lobbied against sex-ed in Ontario. She is pushing for more parental control of education.

“This is something that we must push for,” said one supporter of Allen’s. “It isn't the government’s job to raise children, it's the parents job to raise children and so I support her in that as well.“

Allen also believes the best person to decide what happens in Windsor is the local MPP, so she would push a plan where local residents would have more of a say on the policies that impact Windsor-Essex.

“This is a breath of fresh air to see somebody that wants to be in politics that has those values and will also probably take some flack because of it,” said another supporter.

Allen also talked about her family’s connection to Windsor, where her brother attended the law school at the University of Windsor.

Allen is the fourth leadership candidate to stop in Windsor-Essex.  Doug Ford stopped in the region on Sunday, while Caroline Mulroney visited the area on Saturday and Christine Elliott was in the region late last week.

Voting for the new Ontario PC Party leader will end on Friday, and the winner will be revealed this Saturday.