WINDSOR, ONT. -- A new survey indicates Canadians are “paying” the price to work at home, by logging more hours.

The survey was done by Angus Reid on April 14 and 15 and the data was released by Human Resources provider, ADP Canada.

It shows 44 per cent of remote workers say they are working longer hours, with one in 10 reported working an additional eight-hour workday per week.

That’s up from 21 per cent in April of 2020. Plus, their stress level is also on the rise by seven per cent compared to last year.

The survey found all Canadians, regardless of their current working condition are struggling.

It’s just worse for those who no longer go into the office.

On the flip side, the survey found 42 per cent of remote workers feel more productive than last year and over a third say the quality of their work is better.

The survey found that 53 per cent of employees indicated their bosses let them work a modified schedule when they must fulfill personal responsibilities during work hours.

“After a year of monitoring how workplaces have evolved and responded to the pandemic it appears that many companies have moved to flexible work hours or hybrid work models.” Says Ed Yuen, Vice-President of Strategy and Business Development for ADP.

There is more work to do.

For instance, seven in 10 respondents (69 per cent) said their employer wasn’t offering support for fatigue, related to video-conferencing platforms.

“By introducing policies for after-hours work or educating on the right to disconnect, employers can help protect the physical and mental health of employees,” says Yuen.