WINDSOR -- The Windsor murder trial of Dia-Eddin Hanan continued today with a pathologist taking the stand to clarify how many times the victim was shot back in 2015.

36-year-old Dia-Eddin Hanan has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder and attempted murder.

On Dec. 23, 2015, Alekesji Guzhavin was shot to death in the backyard of 187 Oak Ave.

In court Wednesday, the pathologist who conducted his autopsy was on the stand.

Doctor Elena Tugaleva went through each of the seven bullet wounds Guzhavin suffered.

She told the jury the gunshots to the head and torso were the causes of death but he was also wounded on his right arm.

She couldn't, however, explain the order in which each gunshot wound was sustained.

Doctor Tugaleva also can't pinpoint the distance between the shooter and Guzhavin because of the "lack of soot, stippling and tattooing" of gun powder on his body, she told the court.

Forensic biologist Sobia Malik was sent more than a dozen items to test.

She testified there wasn't enough DNA on the Glock handgun used in the shooting to run a test.

On the night of the shooting it was raining and Malik admitted moisture, heat, soil are not good for keeping DNA stable.

Malik also examined Hanan's gloves, jacket and pants which were worn the night of the shooting.

While no blood was found on his gloves or jacket, there was a blood stain on the back left hand pocket of Hanan's pants.

After DNA testing, Malik says the likelihood it isn't Guzhavins' blood is one in 2.2 quadrillion.

Court has already heard testimony that it was Gauzhavin who was armed and started a fight that night and Hanan was only defending himself.

The trial resumes Thursday.