A warning from the Essex Region Conservation Authority that flooding is occurring along portions of the shoreline in Leamington.

The authority says the flooding is between Wheatley Harbour and Point Pelee National Park.

Due to strong winds, flooding is presently occurring within the Cotterie Park Road area.

In the affected area, portions of the travelled road surface and private lands are covered
with water.

Shoreline erosion and damaging waves are anticipated to impact the entire east shoreline of Leamington between Wheatley Harbour and Point Pelee National Park.

This includes areas on and adjacent to Kay Avenue, Beach Boulevard, Milo Road, Pulley Road, Lakeshore Drive, Marentette Avenue, Patricia Avenue, Tampa Avenue, Cotterie Park Road, Silver Avenue, Julien Avenue, Hillman Marsh, East Beach Road, Marentette Beach Road and the eastern portions of Fox Run Road and Mersea Road 2.

Leamington should continue to actively monitor the flood control dykes in the Southeast Leamington area, the agency says.

The City of Windsor should also continue to actively monitor water levels along the flood control dykes within the Little River Drain corridor.

Due to the ake level predictions, areas along the shorelines of Kingsville, Essex, Amherstburg, the Detroit River, Pelee Island and the remaining shoreline of Leamington west of Point Pelee are expected to experience increased high water levels due to lake setup resulting from the sustained east/northeast winds.

Significantly elevated water levels increase the potential for shoreline flooding and the risk for damage to docks and other shoreline infrastructure on private lands and within marinas.

The public is advised to avoid these areas.