A Windsor man, who plead guilty to a crash that claimed the life of motorcyclist two years ago, has had his day parole modified.

David Cassady, 24, was granted day parole in May after he was sentenced to three and half years in jail in 2016, when he was convicted for criminal negligence causing death.

The parole board says it's now okay for Cassady to contact the victim’s family.

The board says it made its decision after Cassady’s parole supervisor was approached by a Restorative Opportunities mediator, indicating that a member of the victim’s family had been in contact with them and was interested in participating in the CSC’s program. Cassady said he supported the request.

The board’s reasons to modify Cassady’s day parole includes the fact that “the victim’s family initiated contact” and “this may present an opportunity for some measure of healing to occur from a tragic and senseless event.”

Cassady must first have written permission from his parole supervisor as part of the Restorative Justice Opportunities program before interacting with the victim’s family. Cassady can also speak to family members for any judicial procedures as well.

Cassady had been drinking alcohol with friends at his Tecumseh home before driving 190 kilometers an hour while texting when the crash occurred.

His vehicle rammed into a motorcycle on EC Row, killing 66-year-old Don Russell.

Cassady's other conditions for day parole remain. He cannot be outside his halfway house in Windsor overnight. He cannot consume alcohol and cannot drive.

Cassady can reapply for full parole in one year.