The project director of the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway says girders called into question by the province are safe.

Michael Hatchell, a project director for Parkway Infrastructure Constructors, says the use of tack-welding in the manufacturing of the beams is not a concern.

Ontario government officials say tack-welding is not permitted under the Canadian highway bridge design code, unless approved by the ministry.

"I don't want to work through the media in trying to resolve that issue,” says Hatchell. “I'm confident we will be able to resolve that with them."

Parkway officials say they are already seeking that approval and believe there will not be an issue with the beams in question.

"From a safety stand point, we're confident our girders are safe," says Hatchell.

Project engineers have reviewed the issue from a safety standpoint.

Hatchell says about 230 of the girders in question have already been installed. He says this review will delay the project and removing the girders will delay it even more.