After several failed fundraising attempts, Windsor’s oldest parish will be shut down.

The Diocese of London says after much consideration and two fundraising attempts, they have decided to close Our Lady of Assumption Parish. Bishop Ronald Fabbro made the announcement in a letter on Friday afternoon.

“The inability to proceed with the repairs to this building requires that I make a difficult decision concerning the future of this church,” Fabbro stated.

The parish will close effective Nov. 3, with parishioners being relocated to Holy Name of Mary Church. The current minister, Fr. William Riegel will be relieved of his duties upon closure and moved to a new location.

In 2007, Assumption Parish needed $9.8 million for restoration repairs. That cost increased in 2012, when a re-assessment estimated repairs at $15 million.

“Since the restoration required is comprehensive, and so many items are tied to each other, a partial restoration would still result in a church that would need to be further restored or closed in the next 10 to 15 years, or sooner,” Fabbro stated.

The parish was founded in 1728 as a mission – it’s the oldest parish west of Montreal.

"I realize that this decision will be disheartening and painful for you as parishioners who have been praying and working for a different outcome. I share these feelings."

The final masses will take place on the weekend of Nov. 1.