Two minor hockey players who quit their team after alleged bullying incidents continue to push officials to punish all those responsible.

Alleged victims Josh Bluhm, Justin Church and their families met with the head coach and the president of the Southpoint Minor Hockey League Association Sunday afternoon.

Bluhm says he hasn't returned to the dressing room since he was bullied by his own teammates.

"My stuff was thrown into the garbage, it was drenched in beer and someone said that my clothes we peed on in the shower," he says.

The move pushed Bluhm to quit the Southpoint Capitals hockey team.

The day before that incident, Bluhm says he was locked in the bathroom for 20 minutes at an arena in Harrow by the same teammates.

Justin Church says he quit the team to support Bluhm.

"It's been tough on me. I'm losing sleep over it now," says Church.

He says since CTV aired a story on it last week, he has become a victim of online bullying.

"People comment saying, "Grow the f up. You're 17 years old, this is Midget Hockey," says Church.

Since the alleged incidents, Church has dozens of e-mails discussing the situation with the Southpoint Hockey Association.

He was notified that one player had come forward and was suspended.

But Bluhm and Church say four more players were also involved.

Both families have collected Facebook posts, text messages, and phone conversations-- which they say-- prove the incident occurred and indicate who was involved.

They presented that material to the board on Sunday.

"It's very important that we get all the details and get the facts before the board as a whole (decides) on what punishments will be handed out," says Greg Dries, president of the Southpoint Minor Hockey League Association.

"We are going to bring in each player individually before us and we are going to get to the bottom of what happened," says Dries.

But Bluhm's mother says it should not have taken two months to start seeing action.

"The coach did not want to deal with it. He wanted to push it under the carpet," she says.

CTV Windsor will continue to follow this story.