A south Windsor intersection book-ended by two schools is being called 'dangerous and chaotic’ and has parents demanding action.

The call comes after a student was struck while crossing the road last week at Northwood Street and Dominion Boulevard.

It's clogged with cars during rush hour and especially at school-time drop off and pick up. As a result, the traffic is spilling over onto side streets.

The chair of the parent involvement committee at Northwood Public School, Sami Mazloum, says it’s only a matter of time before traffic tensions result in something worse.

“There was a child, hit by a pickup truck last week,” says Mazloum. “Fortunately, no serious injuries, but it's just a matter of time."

Mazloum says the children are obviously at risk. He says parents are calling on the city and school board to act faster on improvements to the intersection of nearby Northwood and Dominion.

"It's a bit chaotic, traffic's backed up, there's kids running between cars, everybody's in a rush to get somewhere," says Mazloum.

Mazloum isn't alone in his pleas. Outgoing Ward 10 councillor Al Maghnieh brought the issue forward to administration a number of times, without response.

It's an issue incoming councillor Paul Borrelli is ready to tackle.

"If I prioritize the issues, that's probably the number one issue I have to deal with," says Borrelli.

City engineer Mario Sonego says though the council questions went unanswered, the city is taking steps to address traffic in the area.

“There's a long-term plan for it, which is a good thing," says Sonego.

The plan includes an environmental assessment of the "central box" of Windsor roadways and a series of public meetings.

Down the road, it would still require capital funding and the will of council undertake the work.

“There is a plan to make some adjustments to Dominion Boulevard,” says Mazloum. “I don't think they're sufficient or will rectify the situation."

Public school board spokesperson Scott Scantlebury says the board has worked with the city to install a bus bay and widen sidewalks around the school. He says safety is a regular message to students.