If you're in Harrow, watch your step, you might stumble upon a massive iguana.

The reptile went missing about a week ago and experts warn it could be dangerous if cornered.

"There's an iguana six feet long loose in Harrow," says Harrow resident Brandon Gyori.

What at first seemed to be rumours swirling through social media, turned out to be true.

“Just don't know how I'd react if I came across a six-foot long iguana,” says Gyori. “I'd probably run as fast as I can."

It belongs to Nettie Lenore Thompson of Harrow. She says she woke up on June 17 and her pet iguana Carlita was nowhere to be found.

“That's when I noticed the door was open, and my iguana was gone," says Thompson.

So Thompson did what any loving pet owner would do - she went looking and asking.

“I called my neighbours and I called the Humane Society and I called the dog catcher," says Thompson.

But nearly 10 days later, her pet is still on the loose.

Reptile rescuer and so-called "snakemaster" Daren Adam says it won't be easy to find.

“The first place to look for would be up in the trees, it would be almost impossible to see," says Adam.

Adam says iguanas are actually quite lazy reptiles. They're strictly herbivores, but when cornered they will do anything to protect itself and should not be approached.

“The base of his tail would be quite thick, so they have a lot of power with their tail, so that will be the first line of defense - to whip you,” says Adam. “And if you grab a hold of it, it will bite, and it will rip you wide open for sure."

The Town of Essex recently passed a bylaw restricting ownership of certain lizards, but iguanas are permitted under the exotic bylaw.

Thompson hopes the six-footer will be found or will find its way home.

"I would really like her back. She's a weird little creature, but she's cool," she says.