WINDSOR, ONT. -- The owner of Cardinal Place believes the easing of visitation rules is good for his residents, but questions why now.

Mike Cardinal feels the Ministry announcement late Friday was “abrupt”.

“And it rubs against the stay at home orders for the rest of us,” says Cardinal “So quite frankly I saw it as a political decision.”

Cardinal says his retirement home hasn’t had a single case of COVID-19 throughout the pandemic and he wants to keep that way.

Residents are now allowed to leave their facilities for visits or they can visit with family members outdoors.

“Even though they’re allowed to go for joy rides in cars right now, we’ve put out the notes, asking for safety first,” says Cardinal

“Its not a regulation but we’re asking for only person be in the vehicle, the driver be a vaccinated person, if families can do that, that’s what we’re asking for.”

Cardinal says he’d be even more wary of easing restrictions, were it not for the vaccination rate at his facility.

“We’re 100% vaccinated!”

Cardinal believes the people who live in long-term care and retirement homes would have been able to survive a few more weeks.

“They made it through the depression, the world war, other conflicts, the nuclear threat, they can handle another several weeks of hanging in there to do the right thing.”

It would seem Cardinal is right, as residents who spoke with CTV News aren’t rushing out the door for visits but comfortable in waiting just a little while longer.

“We just have to accept, whatever is there,” says Evangeline Franco, 84 “You have to enjoy. The time now is the best now, so enjoy every little bit of it.”

Jeannette Reeves is looking forward to her first visit with more family members.

“That’s the biggest thing we’ve all missed.” Says Reeves “Its going to be wonderful, just to get a step forward.”

Most of Mary Cardinal’s children live outside of Windsor so they will have to plan their next visit.

“I’m a positive person,” says Cardinal “Take what you’ve got. Forget what you don’t have.”

As for Mike Cardinal, he is looking to easing of more restrictions, saying they’ve gotten very good at being nimble during a pandemic.

“I never wanted to open a warehouse. Its gotta be a home.” Says Cardinal.