WINDSOR -- There is outrage among residents and war veterans after a social media post by a young Windsor woman that targets Canadian soldiers.

The profanity-filled Facebook post from Kayley Aussant takes issue with people who complain about posting Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day.

The post attacks fallen soldiers and war veterans, by stating "F%$# em, they're DEAD!" and "Why honor something dead that has ZERO impact on you today.”

Hundreds of people commented on the post, expressing outrage and disappointment. It has since been deleted.

“It's disturbing to say the least, very disturbing,” admits Ken Dault, the President of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 255 in Windsor. "They don't get it. They don't understand the whole concept of Remembrance Day and why we do this."

Eric Dyck, a 22-year veteran who completed eight tours of duty, says he fought for people to express their opinions.

"In the end, it doesn't really equate to anything," says Dyck. "Does it bother me? Ya, some people have their opinions. So they have their opinion. Big deal. I don't care."

Dault hopes the young woman doesn't have to experience what many other families have.

"That young lady, she has a voice but one day, if God forbid, if she ever had a child who was in the military and lost in conflict, I'm sure she would totally have a different perspective."

Afghan war veteran Mike Akpata, a LaSalle town councillor, tells AM800 News the post is a clear example that young people do not understand the importance of Remembrance Day.

"I fought for the rights of people to express themselves. I fought for people to be free and I fought for people, unfortunately in this case, to make fools of themselves and let the world know what they think when sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut," says Akpata.

About 128,000 Canadian men and women were killed in all conflicts involving Canada.

CTV News has tried to reach the young woman, but she has not returned several messages.