WINDSOR, ONT. -- A discriminatory online job posting for a position at a Kingsville restaurant is under investigation by Ontario Provincial Police.

The ad was posted to Kijiji and states that “Lucky Chopsticks” in Kingsville is hiring and accepting resumes in person but adds “no blacks, Chinese only.”

In a statement sent to CTV Windsor, owners of the restaurant say they did not make the post.

“We are disgusted to see that someone would post something so hateful, especially during the pandemic,” the statement said. “We did not post this fake ad and we are not hiring. We do not condone any form of hate in our business.”

Tim Stanley, Kingsville resident and activist for social equality, says he was shocked when the post was sent to him by multiple people, and whoever did it should face consequences.

“It’s a small incident, I’m not gonna harp on it if it’s true whoever should be held responsible and consequences should be dealt,” he says. “Honestly, I’ve had no issues, never suspected something like that and probably never would.”

OPP constable Amanda Allen says an investigation into the post is underway.

“The investigation is ongoing at this time and we ask that if anyone has information regarding the post to please contact OPP or Crime Stoppers,” she says.

The result of the investigation will determine if a charge is applicable.