WINDSOR, ONT. -- Ontario Provincial Police started a year-long evaluative study into body-worn cameras Tuesday to help inform the use of new technologies in the future.

An OPP news release says the provincial police will be equipping its West Region Emergency Response Team (ERT) and members of the West Region Traffic Incident Management Enforcement (TIME) team as well as all uniformed officers of the Haldimand detachment with body cams as part of the study.

body cam

“The OPP has conducted a comprehensive review of policies and procedures developed by our partner police agencies as it relates to the use and privacy impacts of BWCs. Procedures have been created to address potential privacy concerns and to ensure the security of the video once it has been recorded during the course of this study,” the release says.

Officers participating in the study will have the body cameras worn in plain view. The camera has lights and indicators to show it has been activated. Police have been trained to give notice as soon as possible that a camera is in operation.

Police will turn on the body cam prior to arriving at a service call, at the earliest opportunity, before any contact with a member of the public and where that contact is for an investigation or enforcement call.

The body-worn camera will be turned off once the call or investigation is finished.


The OPP says it supports the implementation and use of tools and technology that help to collect better evidence, show more accountability and transparency as well as enhance public and officer safety.