Provincial police in southwestern Ontario say they're implementing a strategy to support people being victimized through human trafficking

The OPP say they believe human trafficking is a vastly underreported crime and the victims are coerced into sexual exploitation or forced labour.

They say the most vulnerable targets for human traffickers are young women, at-risk youth, youth in care, migrant workers, indigenous people, and people with addiction and mental health issues.

Essex County detachment commander Glenn Miller says it's critical that survivors of human trafficking have access to support systems and services.

Miller says the majority of victims originate from communities not unlike Essex County and are no longer able to connect with their families because of the degradation they have faced and fear of their families from these traffickers.

Miller is encouraging victims to come forward. "...We have a very responsive social services support network ready to focus on your wellbeing."

Call 911 if you are a victim or have information about a victim.