The team behind the Gordie Howe International Bridge rolled out an extensive community benefits package in recent months – and now, it’s looking for a team of people to help put the plan to action.

The community benefits include $20 million dollars of economic, social and environmental benefits for the host communities of Sandwich and Delray, where the new $5.7 billion Gordie Howe International Bridge will connect between Windsor and Detroit. The bridge is expected to be built and operational by the end of 2024.

The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, which is overseeing the project, is seeking volunteers to participate in a local community group. The group would be informal partners to help implement aspects of the plan and provide input and formal linkages to the region to help bridge builder Bridging North America and the WDBA better understand the perspective and goals of community stakeholders.

In all, the Bridge Authority is looking for 16 stakeholders on each side of the border.

"Certainly, after we introduced the community benefits plan, it's been received with significant approval,” WDBA communication director Mark Butler told AM800 News. “So we anticipate that there will be a fair amount of interest in applying for these volunteer positions."

Applicants would be required to attend quarterly meetings on a two-year term and provide input into the rollout of the community benefits funding. Because meetings will be on both sides of the border, ability to cross international boundaries will be necessary.

Applicants have until Sept. 4, 2019 to apply.