TORONTO - A Toronto hospital says a Kingston, Ont., man and one of his three-year-old twin daughters are recovering following a "successful" father-daughter liver transplant.

A statement from one of the hospitals involved in the operations says Michael Wagner is recovering and is in good condition, while his daughter Phuoc is listed in fair condition.

Wagner underwent surgery Tuesday to provide part of his liver to save one of his ailing daughters.

Medical officials say the donation surgery was performed at Toronto General Hospital and the transplant surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children, adding the two surgeries took a total of 13 hours.

The twins -- Phuoc and Binh -- have Alagille syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the liver, heart and other organs.

Without a liver transplant, the girls would die, and doctors in Toronto decided which of the twins would receive the transplant after the family said it could not make the decision.

The Wagners, who have nine kids, are still waiting for a liver donor for their other daughter.