WINDSOR, ONT. -- In light of empty classrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty with the Greater Essex County District School Board are sharing videos online and even having morning announcements.

“It’s important for me to know that I’m still connecting with them out there,” said Susan Moroz, principal at A.V Graham Public School.

Her morning announcements include the national anthem, and contests for students. Moroz believes it helps pupils maintain a routine, while in self-isolation.

“Then we tell everyone’s job is to get up and get dressed and get busy,” Moroz tells CTV Windsor.

Staff from Vincent Massey Secondary School, Belle River District High School, Tecumseh Vista Academy, and Westview Freedom Academy have all made online videos for their schools.

Twenty-nine students from Westview Freedom Academy are also taking part.

The group put together a video that encourages leadership during unprecedented times.

“Hopefully, it makes people happy and lets them see that it doesn’t have to be all dark and grim,” says grade 12 student Shahzab Mustafa.

Valerie Coletti, department head of business, co-op and careers at Westview Freedom says the class project will students lead the way in the face of this pandemic.

“We can get through this and we want you to stay safe, stay healthy, stay home and to protect all your loved ones,” says Coletti.

Officials with the local public board say the online content shows students that even though they are on their own, they still have the entire school community behind them.